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I am not even sure where to begin. What a wild ride it has been. There has been too many amazing moments over the years. Aly is the articulate one, I am in charge of making the messy magic have a space to happen. 

When I got this wild and crazy idea years ago I knew I wanted a place where every kid could make a mess without fear of repercussion (yes they still have to clean it up), but let's totally make the mess! Let's make mistakes! And learn from them. Let's see how wild and crazy we can get with some tape and cardboard. I wanted a place where the kids could challenge the ends of their imaginations, then feel safe enough to take a leap from there to see where they could go. 

There has been a lot of amazing memories over the years. I remember one specific night sitting at the store for the last class to wrap. I looked around and there was a knitting class happening while a STEM class was happening while tutoring was happening while theater rehearsal was going on. Now some may say how was anyone learning anything, but it was in these moments where you could see the science kid interested in theater and the knitting kid interested in STEM and the tutoring kid having a blast learning the material by physically getting up and walking a large number line and watching so much interactive learning and crossover interest was exactly what I envisioned for the place. A safe place for kids to come in and try everything and taking the fear out of trying something new. 

There was always some magic that happened in those walls. My husband reminds me it was just a place and it was in fact all of us who created the magic. He's right (don't tell him I said that). It was truly the kids who brought all that magic. 

We will come back. I already have gears turning. I am not sure what. Or how. It's time to take the breath (and a much needed nap) and reinvent and recreate. It's exactly what I tell the kids- you can always improve and I want to come back with the full vision. There will be so much creation and innovation and imagination and..... glitter. 

Go out and try something new!

Love, Ms Kate

"It's been a long hard day full of emotional triumph and dinosaur fights"

-Wilbur, Meet the Robinsons

"Keep Moving Forward"- Walt Disney

If I had a million years, it wouldn’t be enough time for me to incorporate all of the thoughts & feelings I’m having right now. It’s nuts to think that just 4 short years ago, I couldn’t have given you the definition of the word “polymath” if you’d paid me! I have learned so, SO very much from this tiny, mighty space. So, in true Polymath/Ms. Kate fashion, I shall express as much as I can with this acronym….




P - PLAY! A world Ms. Kate created where playtime is the MOST important time.


O - ORGANIZED CHAOS! Were we typically bouncing off the walls? Sure….. But with method to the madness? ALWAYS!


L - LOVE. This has been the place where love of learning, love of creating, and love of one another reigns absolute supreme.


Y - YUMMMMMM! Who would have thunk that two toaster ovens and the world’s smallest microwave and sink would help turn even Ms. ALY into a chef??!


M - MAGICAL. To see the changes in these kids….to have had a front row seat as they got to seek and discover and grow. That is what I call magic.


A - ARTS. The most dear thing my heart has ever be able to share MY love for the arts with this community just simply can’t be matched. 


T - TENACIOUS. As our world suffered, and continues to suffer through a global pandemic, this place dug it’s heels in and stayed the course. This was no small feat, and speaks volumes about the mission of The Polymath Place, but especially the tenacity of Ms. Kate Trott.


H - HEALING. We can take a breath now. We can begin to put some pieces back together, and start healing from this loss. We can reflect and remember and laugh….or cry. We can be thankful for puppets and paint and cardboard and markers and music and Chromebooks and headphones and costumes and PENCILS and marshmallows and rubber bands and clay and beads and glitter…..yep, we can even be thankful for glitter...because we’re already healing.


Until later, suckers!

Love - Ms. Aly


“Never say ‘goodbye’,  because ‘goodbye’ means going away, and going away means forgetting.”

― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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