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Aly Cross is making South County theater come to life! Children 3-18 will have the opportunity to learn improv, scene study, character development, musical theater, puppet theater, music, and more. 


The Polymath Players has continuous opportunities to perform reviews and full shows.

Please check back regularly for auditions or check or Facebook page.

Please look under classes tab: theater, for full list of current and upcoming theater classes. 

Ms Aly is available for Acting and Audition Coaching 

Individual tutoring: $35/hr for one tutoring hour, $125/4 tutoring hours, or $290/10 tutoring hours  

Small group tutoring (4 or less): $25/hr for one tutoring hour, $85/4 tutoring hours, or $195/10 tutoring hours

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Upcoming Theater:

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It's time for our 3rd Annual Holly Jolly Polypalooza!

Picture it...

It's 2020. A deadly pandemic hits the world, and life as we know it has been changed forever. Social distancing is amust, masks are strongly encouraged, and no large gatherings are to be had...especially no close contact with questionables. (Who?!) Those of whom you don't know their "status". 


Well, what does this mean for the jolly old man who climbs down every chimney on Earth, and rummages around our very own family rooms every Christmas Eve?!




Watch as Santa Claus, Jessie the Elf, Rudolph, and all 8 reindeer scramble to find a solution for delivering presents to all the world's good girls & boys. Who will save Christmas Eve, and who will remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas?


Don't miss this hilarious & sentimental 2020 Holiday adventure....the year Santa Claus ain't comin' to town!


Virtual Tickets $20 per household

Link to Virtual Performance will be sent go active to ticket holders on December 19th 7pm.

See The Virtual Production :

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 10.35.54

Questions for our theater program?

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